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About us

Our design office now has almost 30 years of expertise: since its foundation in 1994, we have had the opportunity to participate in and be responsible for a large number of diverse projects. Our work always meets the demand to be up-to-date and efficient – for this reason the steel construction department is in constant development to meet the latest requirements in professional and technical fields.

Projects are always considered holistically: The very big as well as small subtleties. Thus, all work is carried out carefully and in detail with attention to detail. But even challenges are no problem for us: Any kind of complex tasks are specified and approached in a fitting and solution-oriented manner.


Dirk Konopka



We use our expertise to make your construction project a reality. We find solutions for every challenge and take on every task: no matter how small or large!


Cost optimization for customers

Fast and neat implementations

Visualization of complex information

Highest standard in safety and security


Focus on steel construction


Statistical calculations, connection statics in steel construction

Design planning

Design planning on the basis of preliminary statics with mass calculation

3D constructions

We create detailed 3-D constructions with Tekla Structures

Collision check

Documentation and collision check of existing steel structures in Tekla Structures, using 3D scanning

Workshop planning

Execution planning as workshop planning with corresponding overviews, workshop drawings, individual parts, parts lists and NC data

Steel constructions

Plant • Industrial • Architectural steel construction

Facade construction

Industrial roofs • industrial and special facades

structural engineering

Efficiency and safety • latest technologies in use

International Projects

Support in planning, statics and
construction abroad

01 Bridge construction

Pipe bridge Poland

Short execution time 4 months 15/06/2019 to 15/09/2019


Escape stairs for a student dormitory

Adopt architect’s requirement, especially the filler bar railings

03 Bridge construction

Pedestrian bridge

04 Steel hall

Construction time: Start 05.2022

Design planning completed: End 06.2022

Completion of structural analysis: 07.2022

Preparation final surveys: Beginning 08.2022

Completion of workshop planning: end 08.2022

Start of erection of steel structure mid 10.2022

Completion of main supporting structure mid 11.2022

Assembly DAWA and completion mid 12.2022

Dirk Konopka

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