Facade construction | signed, sealed and delivered

Industrial roofs • industrial and special facades

Types of industrial roofs


  • Warm roof type 1: Trapezoidal sheet/insulation/waterproofing membrane.
  • Warm roof type 2 (double-skin):
    Trapezoidal sheet/heat insulation/external shell (e.g. trapezoidal, corrugated, Kalzip sheet, etc.)
  • Cold roof made of trapezoidal or corrugated sheets

Types of industrial building facades


  • Cold: single-layer trapezoidal or corrugated sheets
  • Multi-layer facade: cassettes as inner layer + thermal insulation +
    outer layer (e.g. trapezoidal sheet, horizontal and vertical)
  • Single-skin facade: sandwich panel (horizontal and vertical

Special facade, also suitable e.g. for office buildings


  • e.g. Eternit panels,
    siding panels. The facade of the Lufthansa MD11 was designed with siding panels.
  • Domico profile (e.g. planum panel).